Offense Mechanisms imprint of Silverthought Press is a publishing venue for works of transgressive fiction. In response to a growing number of non-speculative fiction manuscript submissions to Silverthought, many of which are brilliant examples of challenging, thoughtful explorations of life's darkest places, editor Paul Hughes established Offense Mechanisms as an imprint for promising new voices in the transgressive genre.


Transgressive (or transgressional) fiction was defined by journalist Anne H. Soukhanov as a genre that "... graphically explores such topics as incest and other aberrant sexual practices, mutilation, the sprouting of sexual organs in various places on the human body, urban violence and violence against women, drug use, and highly dysfunctional family relationships, and that is based on the premise that knowledge.

"Word Watch" The Atlantic Monthly (December 1996): 128. The genre focuses on characters' struggles to break free of society's expectations. This resistance to cultural norms confronts issues of mental illness, anti-social behavior, and identity. Transgressive fiction isn't afraid to challenge, inspire discussion of the taboo/profane, or, of course, offend. It is perhaps one of the most potent forms of social commentary, as evidenced by (in)famous examples such as American Psycho.